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Web apps? Bah, humbug!

I am, these days, a user, pure and simple. I haven't a clue about the technologies involved in the creation of phone apps or web apps, and I've extremely little experience of using phone apps, (just two that came, unasked for, on my phone; a map app and a weather app).

At college I have to use Google classroom, which is, frankly, dreadful. The email side is apalling, and the classroom stuff appears to have been put together by people who don't actually care about students getting stuff done, nor any regard for folk who find the glare of all that white background painful.(before anyone suggests anything, I need lower contrast, light green backgrounds work well for me, not white on black screens) Having for many years had experience of the fun in getting documents created in Word/Open Office to be represented and printed correctly by t'other, Imagine my delight on finding that a document created in Libre Office at home doesn't fare any better when opened with Googles web-based monstrosity than when opened with Word - this despite Googles office software being based on the same fundamental code as Libre Office, I believe?

Add to that, the college I go to is out in the sticks, and unless youv'e got a landline (or a wifi connection to a landline), you can forget about using web-based anything, 90% of the time. Or phonecalls, for that matter.

Further, I'm still not convinced that there are enough programmers who understand how to make good usable GUIs never mind whether the application is native, web based or otherwise, and touchscreen stuff is just horrible if Android is anything to go by. IMNSHO of course.

Leaving the best for last - if I have a WP or spreadsheet thats capable of doing the necessary on my PC or laptop (I wish I had one of those!) then why, by all that's holy, do I need it to be able to do the same things via the web as well? What advantage is there to me? I can see potential disadvantages - like inability to get my work and my data when there's no connection, or if Googles servers have an outage, but durned if I can see a single positive of using web-based office applications. Its just adding another potential point of failure in the process of getting work done.

And that's quite aside from my loathing Google as a company. I will say that Google Scholar is quite useful though.

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