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PR gets in the way again, Autopilot is only an improved cruise control, not a chauffeur.

Tesla owners are guinea pigs riding in an experimental system - their choice, they engage autopilot - again their choice, they stop looking out of the windows - their really stupid choice!

Situational awareness - keep it or die.

Everyone else has the right to expect that Tesla cars on automatic will fail with minimum external impact and that does seem to be the case, I'm not aware of any 3rd party fatalities from Tesla.

Running out of road and crashing instead of blindly turning into other traffic works for me, I'd rather not have to play spot the Tesla on auto alongside the usual spot the moron while driving.

Having said that, I'm in agreement with @defiler, they've made electric cars work - (software..meh...) in another 10 years (money permitting) Tesla will be just another car maker.

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