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Not sure that is exactly true. They are very good cars - top of class for crash testing, EV range, performance against even supercars, etc

The software is also some of the most sophisticated however the agile method of delivery with OTAs means that production cars are running at the cutting edge for this class of car.It is also this method that has made many other car companies have to up their game. OTA updates means that you now have a car that is constantly being 'upgraded' and that creates a big buzz for the owners, similar to the early days of smartphones when new releases were eagerly awaited.

However OTA updtaes does mean that you don't have to do as much testing knowing (traditionally there would be a big cost to recall a car for software changes at the dealership).

So I'm not totally denying the point about the software being lacking, but to state that the cars aren't very good is overstating it somewhat. If I compare it to other car companies you could say that none of them make very good cars.

My Renault loses its centre console if the windscreen wipers are going and I use the electric windows. The software on it is half great, half a total mess. The autobrake hold randomly works, the adaptive cruise control can kick the brakes on quite unnecessarily. I've driven BMWs with really clunky iDrive systems that took a few iterations to be good. I've driven VWs that pump out way more NOx than they should and then a software fix kills off expensive parts of the car.

The critics of Tesla are just as Ardent as the supporters, the reality is somewhere in the middle.

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