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The sad truth is that Tesla cars aren’t actually very good. It shouldn’t be surprising that they’re aren’t good cars - Tesla has grown remarkably quickly, and the technology hasn’t had a chance to mature. The result is that some parts, notably the batteries, are excellent, some are undercooked (the software isn’t ready yet) and others are shoddy (for the price, build quality springs to mind).

The biggest problem though is the cult of personality surrounding Elon Musk - he’s always chasing what’s sexy and newsworthy, which is why Tesla’s are so quick (sexy), push autopilot although it isn’t ready (newsworthy), have unnecessary toys and eastereggs (sexy - for geeks, anyway), and end up in space (sexy sexy). Tesla’s focus is not on safety, except when necessary to comply with the law - and sometimes not even then.

The Tesla is a gadget. It isn’t a good car - although it might become one one day. The problem Tesla has is that traditional car manufacturers already produce very good cars and some are even surpassing Tesla on technology. So all Tesla is left with is the games and Easter Eggs - neither of which are foremost in my mind when I choose a vehicle.

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