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If delivery groups could offer a good service there wouldn't ever be a need to tell a lie about where you need/want something delivered.

A few weeks ago the royal mail guy (or gal) gave up on my street, stuck EVERYTHING through my door. I had like the remaining 9 homes on my street and the first 4 on the next street....

DX (Delivered Exactly LOL) sent me a text to say my delivery should be with me tomorrow, please be at the property between 6am and 8pm with valid identification. To be fair, it was exactly delivered in the time they gave me, I am just glad they didn't say between November 1st and November 30th.

And then I know a guy who moved like 9 years ago, and the council, BT, his pension provider, and lots of other people still send stuff to the wrong address. I can only guess it's because his post code hasn't changed so phone/office staff just look at the postcode and throw the sheet away thinking it's been done.

Then there was the time someone else used OUR phone number to sign up to Sky... Because we didn't know the persons name, address, sky account number, security details, or anything, they refused to remove our phone number from the account. Funny thing was, they were willing to upgrade packages for me - without needing to pass a security check.

So lets not just blame customers for the failings of big business and how it makes them do things.

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