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I remember the one and only copy of an old database I deleted on tape.

Way back in the late 90's we have tons of physical servers and a tape drive and backup software installed on five of them. I dutifully inserted the tape for that night's backed into one of the drives and right clicked, chose erase.

Nothing. No lights on the tape drive to show a job was in progress.

So I repeated the steps.


I did this at least three more times until I saw a tape below the one I was working on light up.

Good 'ol Backup Exec allowed anyone to point the software to any tape drive on another server in the network so long as that server was also running BE.

I must have erased that lone backup for the old DB at least four times. That tape was definitely erased!

Once I fixed the error and erased the correct tape I told my boss what I had done. His reaction?

"Good. That's what they get for messing around with the backups and not telling us."

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