Reply to post: "Shall I ship it to you home address sir?"

Data-nicking UK car repairman jailed six months instead of copping a fine


"Shall I ship it to you home address sir?"

If you could trust the customers to do that...

The number of times I heard

"Shall I ship it to you home address sir?"

"Yes, please"

"Let me just confirm that, 123 Random Street, Anytown"

"That's not right, I haven't lived there on years!! Why have you got that address?"


"That's my Brothers\MiL\Friend who could be in to accept delivery"


"I forgot I used a made up\deliberately incorrect address"

*sigh* And then was our fault when replacement item\call-back never happened

I agree, the info shouldn't be as freely available as it is but there needs to be a certain amount of verification, maybe a "Confirm address" option which routes it through software (our 5yr old Garmin does a very good job of pronouncing street addresses) then back to the operative for call close

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