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@AC, I totally agree with you this should be an actionable offence. We have the lockers, signs, a polite but firm receptionist and so forth. There is no excuse to have a device in the room...

...but it all depends on who you are: in the service we called this "different spanks for different ranks." Sucked then, sucks now.

I have no doubt that I or any other working stiff could get sacked for bringing a phone in ... but execs get a free pass. And this REALLY pisses off the workforce. Technical types crave consistency, and this includes consistency in policy and its application. Stuff like this can grow a little seed of discontent into a full-blown insider threat problem... why do we insist on tempting fate?

And this is not just in IT policy - my team was rocked recently when we lost a good man because his accesses were yanked. He and the wife were separated. He started seeing a new gal and got popped for moral turpitude. I won't claim that my guy's decision making process was sound, but what burns is the manager who sacked him had a well-known affair going on with his admin... including some navel exploration and offshore drilling done on company time. WTF, over?

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