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What is business?

"open-source is not just about a business model, it’s also a way in which people relate to each other and work with each other."

I would say that business is about more than just money and sales, it is also about your resources, such as your staff. The way folks get along is a part of any sustainable business model, it is not a bolt-on extra.

Still, It's good to see the old mantra is finally doing its work, no longer do we need to repeat ad nauseam, "Open Source is not about the software, it is about the business model."

So go to it, OS geeks, wherever you spot a proprietary consumer, get in a loud argument about whether OS is about "more than just the business model". Consumer then sucks up the subliminal message that OS is definitely about business, without triggering their conscious prejudice the other way. (H'mm, I wonder if Mr. Howard is ahead of me there?)

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