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7 seconds ? Yeah, had that also, then after a few spring/fall interations, back to about 45 seconds ... yes, even with an SSD. I am talking "cold to desktop", time includes bootup to wallpaper (25-35 seconds), me clicking and waiting for windows to display the password field (there is only one user on here) this second tat alone takes longer than it takes Linux to boot, then once I have entered my password, I need to wait anywhere between 10 and 20 seconds for the "start menu" to be openable - showing an unusable desktop does not count as logging on ... I hit the magic key on the keyboard as soon as I see the "start menu button" and wait for the start menu to pop up - that is when I call Windows actually doing something and even then, windows is still busy doing shit Bohr knows what and the computer is barely usable.

I do have SQL Database, PostgreSQL, and Office installed (doubt Firefox and Chrome affect boot time). HP Elitebook 850, i5, 16Gb RAM, Dual SSD.

Linux, on the other hand, been through several updates as well, 3 seconds cold to desktop (WITHOUT systemD!), I type my password fast ... but that holds for both.

I do have db2, PostreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle database and LibreOffice installed on Linux ;-).

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