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But surely anything better than an "app" for everything ?

If you're not willing or amenable to running an app in a browser, you end up with everyone + dog having to push their own - usually pisspoor, ill thought out and containing goodness-knows-what-mularkey "app" onto your device. Which is surely worse ? I mean I live in Birmingham, and every single Taxi outfit has now got their own "app". That's before you get to Uber. Surely it's better to have 5 web sites bookmarked, than install 5 apps ?

I think physically, keyboards, mice, and decent size screen are going to be with us for a while. But ultimately, in the workplace and before that in the home, the concept of "the desktop" as a dedicated PC capable of doing the heavy lifting is fading away.

Currently, the proliferation of "apps" is more akin to having to have a TV for every channel you want to watch, rather than simply retuning your existing TV to a new channel.

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