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Between you, me and that dodgy-looking USB: A little bit of paranoia never hurt anyone

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You're dealing with marketroids & PR.

These are the folk who will keep sending out emails which exactly emulate phishing emails to customers and would-be customers. Emails, even, warning their customers of the dangers of phishing. They'll keep doing that until you prise their keyboards from their (hopefully) cold, dead hands.

Given half a chance they'll hoard customer details contrary to GDPR until they earn their employers multi-million quid fines.

They'll make every effort to force ads onto people who make abundantly clear by using ad blockers that ads are unwelcome and hence hugely counter-productive.

They lobbied Bambi's govt to make exceptions for existing customers to let them bypass TPS and make those calls despite use of TPS should send the same message as ad-blockers.

They're the biggest single risk to their employers in terms of pissing off potential and existing customers and in attracting GDPR fines.

You're never going to talk sense into them.

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