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Junior dev decides to clear space for brewing boss, doesn't know what 'LDF' is, sooo...

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I was working as an account manager/do-everything-guy at the local branch of an up and coming software multinational. I was tech guy at core, but a dev, not a sysadmin.

A livid customer's IT manager contacted my boss about our app's database crashing on them. He had never liked us, we were chosen by the biz side over his objections, so his moment to gloat. Yes, his "DBA" had been backing up faithfully every day, but now they had lost a full day's work since this was a late afternoon crash. So he wanted our RDMS vendor to examine his database core dump. IMMEDIATELY and he had already notified his C-levels of the snafu.

Dragged in our local CTO - yes, we were that small, and we looked at the Gupta SQL database manual together.

- open at index

- Restore DB, page 35, yes.

- But, that's gonna lose them that full day. That's what they're bitching about.

- (5 minutes later) Wait, what's that Log Journal Replay thingy?

- OK, let's just call them and tell them to restore and then follow procedure at page 42 of manual to replay the day's transactions.

Never heard of Mr IT again, but the customer's business person told us he came off as a proper ass when it became obvious they had never attempted a recovery or even read up on how to do one. Remember how upper management was notified? It's amazing how some people are incompetent at even management games.

The biz guy was pretty happy, they only lost 15 minutes or so of data. First time I got an inkling of what an LDF was for ;-)

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