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Anyway, it was running on NT4 and I set it to use half the available memory. I forget how much it had - 256mb or something - but completely forgot it was in 2Kb increments so setting it to 128Mb really meant 256Mb.

Yes. Because memory was specified in 2K pages just like with Sybase SQL Server/Adaptive Server Enterprise, that MS SQL Server has its roots in.

Net result was the machine booted, SQL started and immediately took all the available RAM and the whole thing blue screened. Obviously, this was whilst I was at the client site, whilst remote controlling their server which was in a data center elsewhere.

We had to get a technician out to put more RAM in the server in the end. They weren't impressed...

Or you could have just started it in minimal single-user mode with -f command line option, and then used sp_configure to resize memory to more acceptable size.

Sybase on UNIX of course would be even easier as configuration is always written to a text file on filesystem, but I digress.

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