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"The local acting DBA would probably have had a good response if he dared use it: "Why don't you send me on a training course?". "

A number of years ago we were supposed to be doing an install at a new client. The usual procedure for SQL Server was to send our database creation script to the DBA for comment, with a note explaining that we would work with them to ensure that the resulting database met all requirements. The database creation script was extensively commented.

The result was an extremely irate phone call from the DBA on Friday evening at 5 (so doubleplus ungood). He hadn't read the bit about "for comment". What did we mean sending him this to install? Who did we think we were? There was no way he would install stuff from such totally incompetent people and his MD would hear all about it on Monday.

He continued on transmit only for quite a while and eventually I managed to find out what he was objecting to. We specified the log file dimensions and parameters (with various "insert your preferred value here" comments but he hadn't bothered to read that). Our default maximum log file was 2Gbytes.

His view was that he refused to have log files on databases because they took up room.

So how were we supposed to roll back bad transactions etc.? Nothing to do with him, company policy.

We never did get the job, which was based in an East Anglian city well known for football and insurance. It was eventually leaked back to me that the DBA would be at a loss to display any qualifications on SQL Server. But it did cause me to cancel my car insurance policy and move it to another company.

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