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The problem is that you would then find someone had mislaid the irreplaceable cable required to make it work.

Don't worry, I have what you need!

l large amount of Intel based stuff, all of it older than Windows XP, although the really

old stuff went to Sierra Leone some years ago. (I sold the 8" floppies to the Zambian Army).

I did throw away all the modems/routers too old for LEDE.

I have Sun cables for anything so recent it does not have a Motorola CPU. The oldest processor

I still own is an Ultra5.

I also have more SCSI 1 and SCSI2 H/Ds than you can shake a stick at (I tried, just to prove it!)

and quite a few SCSI3's but some of those are still in use, so I would not want to part with them.

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