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Sadly no rare tech as far as I know, it was all bargain car boot £3 job bits and bobs.

The annoying thing there (aside from the reasons why you're doing the clean up of course :( ) is that sometimes the sellers of these odd bits have no idea of the value of what they have.

I know from having sometimes looked over Ebay and the like, that in my life time I've thrown out enough worthless junk to have been able to buy a reasonable plot of land. Working hardware that I'd never use again, no one would ever want.. but some factory uses that bit on their multi-million $ production line and they urgently need a replacement.. I've seen stuff I once had valued at more than I've earned in the last 2 years!

And at the time if you'd offered me a tenner I would've given it and your money to you. I had no idea what it was worth.

But.. going through and finding what is actually there, and even what works, takes so much time and effort. And that you have to do before you look at finding a buyer etc.

(Those guys on that 'american pickers' show would be the sort you really want to find - but know that if they readily accept a price your value was too low! And no, I don't watch it, it used to be on just before "Family Guy" so I'd sometimes catch the last couple of minutes :( )

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