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My hoard of obsolete hardware might be useful… one day

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I've got a full height 5-whatever" HDD sitting around. Can't recall the interface (I think it's more likely SCSI or IDE than MFM/RLL). I also have a full-sized VESA IDE interface card. Some SB16s, several ~320 MB SCSI HDD's (from Conner), at least one 16 bit ISA network card with only a BNC connector. Oh, and a motherboard with specs I can't recall but it'll take a 386 co processor.

I possibly have a bag of 30 pin SIMMs somewhere, maybe some 72 pin ones. May even have some 30 pin SIPPS as well. At lots of DDR 1 and 2 desktop ram. And at least one 256m SODIMM module.

Oh and we cannot forget the Behemoth. A very high res (2kx2k at least) CRT monitor, formerly used for graphics work. Weighs in at IIRC around 45KG. The sort of beast those extra-extra-extra wide computer desks were built for (the ones that strangely could take a monitor that's a good meter deep). Still works beautifully. Note the high pitched whirring sound, and clicking/hissing sound, as it warms up - the former is the sound of your power meter as is spins to near relativistic speeds, the latter is the sound of the shareholders in the power company rubbing their hands in glee. Last time I turned it on there were blackouts across much of North America!

No wonder there's no room for the car in the garage.... What's the address of that guy you were talking about again? I'm sure I can help him rebuild his prized collection after his release.

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