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My hoard of obsolete hardware might be useful… one day

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I still have some really old gear I've had for 30+ years and it wasn't new then,but it still works so who cares. CB radios modified to go on 10m amateur bands, a baycom I built (diy ax25 packet radio modem), a CF era ipaq running familiar linux with the CF jacket, my nokia 9000i's, zx81 and onwards computer stuff, a couple of 47u racks that I need to clean the really obsolete stuff out the way in (pix's, 10bt baynetworks switching gear, some terminal servers that are AUI with aui adaptors, some sparc's, netras, disk shelves, scsi crosspoint switches, lto drives and all sorts).

But... I live somewhere where property is dirt cheap, and it all just lives in a spare house in the garden, and I do genuinely need things out of there from time to time when tinkering, so its not eating anything, on the really rare occasion someone does need some legacy hardware its there, or available to power up and test something, and its not harming any kittens. Some of its so old now its attained curio status (the double height mfm hard disks that I use as door stops for instance, and the aformentioned nokia 9000i's etc). I'll just wait until its worth my time to ebay then sell it off now :-)

Hoarder? more like just can't be bothered going through it all :)

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