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"It's a standard phenomenon, commonly known as Life's A Bitch."

I recently waited for an urgent parcel to arrive. It was supposed to be "next day" and was already a day late. The seller had sent it "48" in spite of me paying a hefty premium for "24". The Royal Mail tracking said it was now "out for delivery". Then at lunch time the tracking said "could not deliver - no answer - card left".

No card! Sorting office said it probably wouldn't be on their shelves until the next day. Luckily it was there on a second visit in the evening.

The following day the next door neighbour gave me the RM "not in" card. The post person had filled in my name and the correct address on the RM "not in" card - but had been trying to deliver to next door.

The house numbers are 49 and 51. I have the number "51" in large white numerals on the wall by the door. The neighbours have "49" in brass numerals adjacent to their white door's letterbox.

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