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Still have my Texas Programmer calculator from 1978. The one that did binary, octal, hex - and functions like XOR. Also a Casio date/day calculator from early 1980s.

A "thing of beauty" - quite literally - is a PC ISA bus prototype card from 1985/6. Handwired with wire-wrap in various dayglo colours. Has two MMI FPGAs and some "superfast" (45ns) SRAM as a state machine for realtime 10mbps Ethernet diagnostics. Plus all my drawings and development notes.

My Bib wire-stripper - which might go back to my teenage 1960s - is still far better than any new designs. It is very rare for it to put a nick the copper when stripping insulation.

Many of my toolboxes' contents date back to 1972 when I first started doing my own car maintenance. The heavy duty pop riveter that was bought to do regular repairs on the Mini-Moke side panels - amazed the neighbours recently when their rusting garage doors needed some rivet replacements.

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