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My hoard of obsolete hardware might be useful… one day

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No Zip drive around here (I had a parallel port Zip that I tossed about three years ago, within 6 months, a friend had an urgent need to access some zip disks). I do have:

* Mystery hard drive (SMD? has a sticker with error map on top)

* various DAT-72 tapes (some were scratch tapes for testing, some might be dead)

* various floppes (for backup/transfer data off of production equipment)

* 2 Windows 95 CDs.

* DOS 6.22/Win 3.1 installation disk set

* Targus USB dongle with MicroSD, SD, CF, XD, and a couple more interfaces


* Windows Update Windows 98 Service Pack 1 CD ("Do Not Make Illegal Copies of This Disc")

* USB Microsoft optical mouse (the kind with the cool red translucent plastic)

* Belt clip for an AT&T cordless phone

* Trident TVGA9000i-2 ISA video card

OMG... that's just what's in my desk at work. I'm afraid to look around the shelves and cabinets, let alone my basement at home!

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