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My hoard of obsolete hardware might be useful… one day


I was going to write exactly the same thing

More like a local library/storage unit.

Create a list of everything that could possibly be needed. If they have it bin yours, if they don't take yours in.

Then if you need to borrow something, pop in and take it. I'm not even too bothered about theft, I've got so much junk I willingly press into the hands of anybody who expresses the slightest indication it's what they need.

As well as all my IT gubbins, I'd like to include those tools you buy for single jobs. Currently on my desk I've got a mega-pack of washers, tap-spanners and grinders I used to sort out a couple of annoying taps. Suspect I won't need these for another decade..

Would be quite a useful addition to the high street - don't need any more charity shops, and good reason to get somebody to go in.

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