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Guess who's back, back again? China's back, hacking your friends: Beijing targets American biz amid tech tariff tiff

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Well tbh, you know the value of your assets. You know who is coming after it and you know they are capable and well resourced.

Now you need to protect your assets appropriately.

It sounds like many companies have been paying lip service to the security around their IP and if they want to continue to do business in the world today they will have to up their game.

If your business was gold storage you wouldn't cut corners on the physical security around that asset. You wouldn't leave your locked windows to rot until they fell out of their frames leaving gaping holes in the walls. But many buinesses think it's fine to let their IT installations of Windows rot without updates or patches. Then they wonder why the electric burglars were able to climb through the holes in their walls.

It's taking a long long time to get the idea across that nothing has changed, people still want to steal your valuables it's just the form of the valuables that has changed.

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