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sci-fi show where they had devices that rolled

Earth Final Conflict.

As an aside.

There was a Philips subsidiary that developed a "roll up" eInk based screen. Philips sold it and only does lamps + health now (like 1926). The TVs & audio are two companies renting badges,

Philips Semi -> NXP, sadly about to be devoured by Qualcom.

Unfortunately Amazon bought the Philips subsidiary or the eInk tech, though they don't use it. They buy the actual eink brand (Vizaplex, Pearl, Carta) etc for Kindle.

Sony also had a demo of roll up display, possibly eInk.

Really only OLED or eink with amorphous transistors on a plastic substrate with plastic layers will work. Lifetime may be low. Worrying that newer eReader eInk displays may already be plastic substrate. Yes, less likely to be cracked, but what is life?

These people need stopped:

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