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Before you go blaming anyone for The Troubles you should do some research first. The Troubles would have happened either way regardless of who was in power. Northern Ireland was effectively running a form of Apartheid, with the government gerrymandering the electoral boundaries to ensure a Unionist majority, as well as electoral laws that ensured the majority of Catholics were ineligible to vote. This all came to a head in August 1969. If Wilson hadn't sent in the troops to protect the Catholics in 1969 you could very well have seen Ireland and the UK at war with each other instead. The Irish had troops ready to cross the border at the time but in the end it was British troops that went in. However, it became clear that in order to maintain peace between the 2 sides and prevent Northern Ireland sliding into all out civil war the troops had to stay, and it wasn't long until the troops were seen as an occupying force by the Catholics and became their target. You cannot blame Wilson for 400 years of history finally coming to a head. You can however blame Thatcher for repeatedly blocking any dialogue with Sinn Fein during the 80s which saw Catholics continue to be oppressed in Northern Ireland, which in turn fuelled the IRA's recruitment process.

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