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"[...] knowledge of the debilitating damage that previous "proper socialist" Labour governments did to this country, [...]" You mean things like the NHS, free Education, State pensions?

Actually I was thinking of things like the complete destruction of a world class industrial and commercial base through muddle headed nationalisation, that begot such champions as British Leyland, British Aircraft Corporation, British Railways, British Steel etc.

I was thinking of messing up the public finances in the 1970s to the point that the Bank of England had to suspend sterling from foreign exchange markets, and this country had to be bailed out by the IMF like any other third world socialist banana republic. ANd worth thinking that the clowns of the Labour Party had repeated financial crises all through the late 1950s, 60s and 70s that led to repeated devaluations of sterling.

I was thinking of criminal, traitorous stupidity like selling Rolls Royce jet engines to the Soviet Union.

I was thinking of Labour Party pacifism during the 1930s and their opposition to rearmament that encouraged He Who Must Not Be Named.

I was thinking of marginal tax rates so punitive that the UK suffered an appalling brain drain during the 1970s.

I was thinking of the Labour Party's rank incompetence at managing industrial relations, leading to repeated crippling strikes, culminating in the Winter of Discontent.

I was thinking of incompetently handling Northern Ireland during Wilson's first two governments and to all intents kicking off thirty years of domestic terrorism.

And for a party that's made such cheap political capital over the Windrush scandal, you might want to look up the Commonwealth Immigration Act of 1968.

Every time we get a Labour government (and this was true of the post-socialism Blair/Brown comedy act), they go and fuck up the economy and government finances. That is sadly a matter of historical fact. Its all very well having these grand spending plans on social welfare, they do have some merit. But the Left have never, and apparently will never, understand that as a longer term plan you can't spend money you haven't got, and seizing other people's money through taxation or expropriation is not a long term plan either.

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