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There really does come a point when one has to question just what some of these highly intelligent scientific types connection with reality it. It all sounds great fun and MIGHT get a response. The fact that the response could be of negative benefit to the earth just does not appear to cross these peoples minds.

Not that many weeks ago there was a programme on the BBC following a group of researchers that had found traces of material that could contain DNA in dinosaur fossils. The plan was to then extract it and then try to create a dinosaur (I think it was something nice friendly like a T-Rex). Jurassic Park may have been fiction but the consequences of something like this are beyond comprehension. Science can provide a lot of benefits but there appears to be no ethical or moral view on some of the work.

If the earth is a fragile ecosystem that we are already wrecking through a combination of science, greed and selfishness. Splitting the atom was a great breakthrough but the consequences are now with use pretty much for ever.

Many of these scientist/researchers are just so focussed on what they are doing and being able to publish a great discovery that the implications just get lost. Against every discovery that has benefitted mankind, there is probably an equal, if not greater number that have not. The trouble is that impact of the negative ones if far worse than the beneficial.

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