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Roscosmos: An assembly error doomed our Soyuz, but we promise it won't happen again

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A glitch in a Soyuz

Just to get this story straight: The fault that caused a soyuz to misbehave and crew to climb to the escape pod has been identified and corrected. No BS with people blaming others or withholding information (Challenger, anybody ?), or escape routes too long and pods too far away for the nauts to gets out.

Whatever you say, the Russians have a track record nowhere near anybody else when it comes to space missions, like, 4 deaths in almost 70 years ? [have not checked] Their kit is rudimentary, but it usually does the job nicely - shit sometimes happens AND gets fixed ...

I do not like the Russian President or his Administration, but Roscosmos definitely know what they are doing!

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