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It's all well and good to say that but if you do any job a hundred times it stops being a special job, it just becomes step 7b of job 256. And you've got 4 more jobs to do before the end of the day or the boss is going to get pissy with you. And this bloody bracket, which you've complained about half a dozen times but no one listens, is not going in easily. So you just take your hammer and get it to fit easy as pie. And move on to step 7c.

This is how cock ups like this happen. Because people are more worried about the pressure they'll get from managers for missing a deadline. Their manager is a more immediate problem then some future potential problem for some astronauts they'll never meet.

To avoid this, you really need a culture in the workplace where problems and delays are dealt with properly and no blame is put on the worker when they occur. It sounds very much like Roscosmos does not currently have that culture...

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