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I'm certainly not going to disagree that by 2018 standards Soyuz QA clearly sucks equine testicles. (In 40 000 miles my car has suffered zero faults, zero advisories, and the Toyota service manager says "we expect that".)

But it is worth remembering that the fire which killed three Apollo astronauts was caused by a dreadful error chain, starting with a contractor stuffing wires through ducts so badly that insulation was stripped in places (IIRC). How did anybody, knowing that people were going to travel on that thing, do that?

I recall being told that one reason so few existing car industry workers were taken on by the Japanese companies in the UK was that years of bad management attitude had meant that they simply didn't have the mindset for defect free assembly.

tl;dr: perhaps the space industry has to go the way the car industry did with the new entrants setting new standards, because once people have been kicked long enough to just get stuff out of the door, untraining them is impossibly long and expensive.

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