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". It's one thing for a bunch of religion-stoned goatshaggers to be hostile to science, but it is positively baffling to see the same thing in Britain, a home of the Enlightenment, and the US, [...]"

In both countries religion is still touted as a major cultural force - especially by politicians. When people don't have a reasonable understanding of science and technology then the human mind accepts simple "magic" answers.

The Enlightenment was at least two centuries ago. Yet it was something that my UK 1960s non-denominational 11+ Secondary Technical School never mentioned - while they rigidly enforced religious assemblies. As well as the intended target scientists and engineers - it even produced a smattering of clerics including a bishop.

Recently a neighbour's son wanted to be an engineer. His devout Catholic mother stopped his transition to a non-denominational secondary school that specialised in science and engineering. Instead she insisted he went to the local RCC school - which only specialises in Arts subjects. Together with Sunday morning mass he is being moulded to have a core identity of that religion. Other Catholic neighbours are making sure their sons are also following that religious path at church and in an RCC primary school.

Neighbours who are Jehovah's Witnesses are doing the same with their daughters.

The CofE parish church funds evangelical missions into local non-denominational schools.

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