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Re: "can the fault detection system work fast enough. "

@Peter - clearly most HAVE forgotten...

It's nice to have the new fast stuff as you can save programmer time and basically use dumber developers since the tools that come with those abstractions are much more helpful and require a lot less ingenuity to get an issue debugged. But not only is all that unnecessary, it's bad.

You'd much rather have a more experienced and competent developer who can do without all that, and who has the ingenuity to not only track down issues - building their own tools for those cases as required (down to toggle this wire if I got here with x data), and who can anticipate a bunch of corner cases the less advanced guy didn't think of up front when they are best handled.

You can't really test those 9's in past the first 2 or so. They have to be there by design. Once there is a solid design, coding is the simple part, even in the more difficult to use languages and simpler homebrew opsys' on minimal hardware.

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