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I agree with almost everything you said, apart from the second part of point 1. If you use the SH3 in modem mode, the only thing you loose is the sh*tty wi-fi feature, the speed works as it should. It did have a problem in the beginning with high latency levels, which messed up the experience for the gamers, but speed-wise it is top-notch. This issue is fixed now so overall a top service. I pay for the 200Mb/s and get 220Mb/s almost constantly (I use Samknows monitoring box so I do know that the speed is constant).

I think that the more customers an ISP has the higher number of complaints they will have. The survey does not say anything about if this persentages are out of their total sample or out of the sample of a given provider. But again, it is an Andrew Orlowski article, so what else could you expect?

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