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GitHub lost a network link for 43 seconds, went TITSUP for a day

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For local HA, with redundant equipment, when a disk, switch or server goes down automatic is fine.

This strikes me as being a LAN issue though at one or the other site. A fault that caused connectivity to rather than on the WAN link to be lost. The reason I suggest this is that in default trim a 43 second outage is suspiciously close to the time traditional STP will take to kick in and rearrange the active links.

These days you would expect people to be using at least RSTP which is almost info infinitely faster to respond but only for some of the more common faults. In particular it doesn't detect the case where a link fails on one direction in a consistent manner, in that case you are still dependent upon the original protocol to sort it out with the delays that come with it.

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