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"Nope, us Linux folks also think appletards are soft in the head and the wallet."

Not all of us Linux folks.

Some years ago, I decided to get a Mac for my wife, as I didn't really expect her to use my Linux box. Since OS X is Unix and has a terminal app with bash shell, I decided to have a play with it to see what it was like. Surprisingly I found myself using the Mac more and more, until my Linux machine was starting to gather dust. I ended up just using Linux all day at work, and Macs at home. I still resent paying the Apple Tax though. Until this new Mac Mini, I was thinking that my next machine might be a home-built dual-boot OS X / Linux hackintosh, but I'm not sure now that it's worth the effort of hacking/patching ACPI tables to get a stable hackintosh when I could just buy one of these.

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