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He repeatedly lied in his previous testimony when becoming an appellate judge, claiming a lack of involvement in Bush White House legal decisions that records show he was involved in.

No doubt there was more evidence in the hundreds of thousands of pages withheld from the committee by the Trump White House. They knew there was a smoking gun in there, otherwise they would have released it all.

For that matter, Kavanaugh knew he was going to to face charges for sexual assault as early as July, and was already calling people to round up support. Which was made pretty obvious when less than 24 hours after the first accusation surfaced, he had a letter signed by 65 former classmates saying they'd never seen him do anything like that. You don't get 65 classmates rounded up and signing something in that short of a time, it was obviously prepared in advance. Who would prepare something like that in advance, except for someone who knew they'd be accused because they knew they were guilty? Before anyone claims the democrats would have laid such charges on anyone, why didn't they do it to Gorsuch? Probably because he's never sexually assaulted anyone!

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