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Chuck this on expenses: £2k iPad paints Apple as the premium fondleslab specialist – as planned


I'm not in the target audience for a loaded 2018 iPad Pro, but they aren't silly for the money. The typical target user is doing design, architecture, or other graphics work. The OS suits them, as they know it already from their iPhone. The thing is actually fast. It has been targeted by first-tier app developers.

I have a friend that seems to code in C, Python, and a few other PLs. He uses a "good value" laptop and an Android phone. But I'll point out that he has a mega-expensive gaming machine, and burns electricity like mad, paying through the nose...but "it's entertainment, relaxing."

I find the compulsion to overlook the the aesthetics and ease-of-use of Apple products overdone. Some people feel they get value from having one set of preferences satisfied. Others pursue a different set. Also overlooked is the value of OS software updated for free for many cycles. Choice. It's good.

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