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Apple's launch confirms one thing: It's determined to kill off the laptop for iPads

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Laptops are so last decade. Tablets are obviously better.

However, it would help if tablets had a proper keyboard and more ports. The keyboard could be attached to the screen by a sort of hinge. Also it would probably help to put the brains in the keyboard part rather than the screen. That way it would be more balanced and more comfortable if , for example, you had it on your lap.

And since you won't be holding it with one hand while using it with the other, the touchscreen would be extremely cumbersome. One's arms get heavy fast trying to hold them out in front of you at the distance people use non-handhelds on a table or their lap. Better add a touchpad (or a pointing stick) to fix the ergonomics, if the keyboard base didn't already have one. And if you do that, you might also get rid of the now superfluous touchscreen.

I've never owned an all in one, but the people who do that I've asked about it say that they seldom if ever use the touchscreen while the keyboard is docked. Laptops, of course, always have the keyboard docked. Eschewing the touchscreen also means you can use an OS and applications that don't have all of the touchscreen compromises baked in (oversize controls, lack of informative hover effects, that sort of thing).

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