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G R Goslin

Zen, efficient. Don't make me laugh.

I moved to Zen solely because my village was about to be one of the few to get fttp. My troubles began the moment I signed up. It took countless calls from me to Zen, to get them off their backsides to get BT off theirs. It took eight weeks to get a connection, even thought the termination unit was on a pole only about 30 feet away. When it was finally connected, I found that none of my emails was reaching me. I could send emails out, even to myself, but nothing came back. After many frustrating calls to their help desk, where they assured me that there was no problem, they finally came out with it and told me that they were not prepared to do anything about it. So, to get email, I had to go back to my previous ISP, with whom I had an excellent service, and take out an email only service. Much earlier, even before connection was made, I tried to back out, only to be told that I was locked in until the end of the contract period. Twelve months. I can hardly wait to move to a better service who do give the customer the service that he is paying for. The only thing they did on time, was to send me a modem/router, which was so cheap and nasty, that I put it back in the box and bought a proper one.

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