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Design for a wide range of people is called Universal Design, and with the demographics of wealthy nations a company would be stupid to not implement it.

It's a good idea in general, but sometimes the details of such adaptations can conflict.

You know about accessibility ramps, of course. Make it possible for wheelchair users to get in and out of places where elevation change is required. What could be bad about that?

Well, the mother of a person I know well had an above-the-knee prosthetic leg, and while going up the ramp was fine, she couldn't descend it. The knee joint in the prosthetic would bend and she'd end up on the ground (and she was old enough to where that could cause serious damage because of osteoporosis).

Stairs, though, she could go up or down without a problem.

The disability accommodation had made it impossible for her because of her disability. In this case, the people in charge of the place had thought that a ramp is all that one needs, and that it could replace stairs (with the assumption that stairs = abled and abled people can use anything).

There's no one true way to engineer something where it will meet everyone's needs. You can try to lasso as many people as you can into your target market, but there's no such thing as one size fits all, no matter how well engineered.

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