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Consumption vs. Creation

It used to be that Apple computers were the choice of creative professionals. The iPad and iPhone are consumption devices that are difficult to create things on. A mechanical keyboard is far easier to type on than a virtual keyboard on a flat piece of glass. A mouse or tablet is easier to use than a touch pad/screen. A quick look outside does seem to confirm that the vast percentage of the hordes are consumers and create nothing (except for making good targets as they wander around with their heads buried in their phones/tablets).

Tim Cook is a decent manager, but doesn't have the visionary component that Steve Jobs did. Sure, they can take the MBA approach of putting all their efforts into luxury consumption devices that yield the most profit margin, but they are doing it at the detriment of of their future. If people migrate to the Windows world to create, they'll likely optimize more for Windows devices such as Surface. That will make Apple have to play a compatibility games and be seen as just another device maker competing in the same market as the surface. Just because you are selling a lot of blades, it doesn't mean that you can stop putting effort into making good handles.

I don't see how making the MacBook Air a bit thinner and a bit lighter makes any difference. I'd rather have a slightly thicker laptop with more mass put into the battery. Thin stuff flexes and breaks. Being able to use a laptop for an entire day on one charge would be awesome. Just fiddling with spreadsheets isn't a big drain but I'm importing and processing photos which does eat up battery life like crazy. The more time unplugged that I have, the more I can get done. I took a dead battery from my old MacBook to create a power interface and used it to shove power from an external battery into the computer. It's ugly and heavy, but it works a treat.

Apple has been disappointing for the past several years. It seems like the bulk of their efforts have gone into creating more and more expensive phones.

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