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> "one month rolling contract so if they are shit I can switch again"

This! A short contract says the company is confident in their service you'll want to stay. I'm even happy to pay a setup fee because I realise companies have costs associated with the setup. I don't like 12 month contracts but the 18 and even 24 months some ask for are ridiculous. And they own your phone line until you've paid up so you can't even try out a competitor before dropping the current service. Such a horrible market. I'm hoping mobile broadband will take off to fix the lock in.

Also I rent my home. The fixed term let and expired and so converted to a default rolling contract cos there's no reason to keep paying the letting agent contract arrangement fees (photocopying + postage fees!) every year. So the landlord can kick me out with 2 months notice. Making any commitment to a utility for more than 6 months feels like a risk.

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