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:-) - I love the bit about DNS. I was responsible for the VM DNS from 2003 onwards, and from 2006 onwards we could demonstrate, via Ofcom/SamKnows distributed test probes from real customer lines (not selected by us, BTW), that it was the fastest of all the "majors" by a factor of 3 over the next best.

From 2007 onwards it was also "revenue generating", in that it produced sufficient income to fully offset the NPV capex and opex.

Perhaps you had a different problem? What I do know is that ALL ISPs have a standard "customer moan" in their list: "Crap DNS", when it's actually something else entirely. Getting that out of the call centre response scripts is a losing battle. VM's CC folk used to recommend users swap to, despite that being 4-5 times slower, when the actual problem was usually a poor last-mile signal to noise on the upstream (a bane of cable systems, BTW). We banged our heads against that wall on a weekly basis.

VM are not alone in this: find me a major ISP that doesn't have the same problem and I'll buy it for you. The company, not the service ;-)

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