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"It's a similar price to it's nearest competitor the Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13."

Sure. But firstly, I'd much rather have the studio, because it runs a normal OS and has some expandability with normal ports and second, that is also overkill/nearly useless for most use cases. You can beat both of these machines in most areas. Compute power? You can get a lot more for the price with a desktop, a laptop, even some tablets with full OS's on them. Battery life? Use a machine with a similar processor but a less power-hungry screen or one you can control better. Functionality? Use something else; check. When comparing this to a laptop, virtually any modern laptop, it loses. People don't typically want to approach their computing devices and draw on the screen. Some designers and artists do, but it's been tried a lot for the rest of the computer user population, and we said no. So what feature does this iPad have that warrants it costing twice as much as a comparable laptop, with touchscreen, with the capability to run a full OS and maybe be somewhat repairable. You could even get a not bad apple laptop for half the price of this one. They're putting the price far too high.

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