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I left VM this year after being subjected to their rubbish for way too long.

The VM supplied router would kick connections off or no allow connections when more than 10 devices connected, or just randomly until it was rebooted.

The speeds were up and down like a yo-yo. The speed was throttled to absolutely barely useable once due to a cctv camera uploading a few hours of live footage to the cloud even though our overall data use was tiny.

The basic TV package has lees channels than freeview or freesat. The VM tivo box was so slow I had to use the catch-up services built in to the TV as they were about 15 times faster (even after removing the cache on the VM box).

There probably wasn't a day that went by where someone didn't swear at VM in our household. So I switched to Freesat (had an old dish already up from previous occupants) and a Now TV broadband connection which has not had any issues at all so far and was a third of the price and works faster than VM even though the service paid for is slightly slower. I chose on price rather than think Now broadband would be anything special.

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