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ISPs' biggest mistake - Including Wi-Fi routers

I do wonder how these complaints statistics would look if ISPs still provided a basic DSL modem only, transferring the problem of crap routers and poorly positioned Wi-Fi to the end user.

Here's how I think those support calls would go:

Customer : My internet is sh*t.

ISP : Try again from your PC/laptop directly connected through the DSL modem. How is that?

Customer : Yes, that works fine.

ISP : Great! It's not an ISP issue. Goodbye.

Case in point, I've been with the apparently much bemoaned Virgin Media for 10+ years at three different addresses and have never been without service (that I've noticed). However, I've always used VM's cable modem, or hub in "modem mode", with my own firewall, router, DNS, and wireless deployment in use.

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