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Apple's launch confirms one thing: It's determined to kill off the laptop for iPads

Androgynous Cow Herd

I don’t buy a replacement computer

To get fewer features. Changing I/O ports, no SD slot etc makes the current model less attractive than what came before (although an 11” MBA has not has a SD slot for at least the last 3 years).

So far as running Photoshop on an iPad...ok, and the rest of the adobe suite? Hook it up to a calibrated monitor? What if I do a teathered capture? port for that. And what if I use Capture One rather than Lightroom? No port to IOS for that...

Someday a tablet could be designed with the proper ports. With RAM and GPU capable of manipulated a >60MP image, connect to an external monitor, network and storage system. It would be a bit bulky...maybe you could permanently attach the keyboard so it could also serve as a screen protector.

Then, you could call it a “Laptop”

F’kin idiots at Apple....

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