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Replaced HD with SSD in mine, and it’s on its third battery. All were easy to do. But my MBP is fairly old now.

The thing is, I used to do all of that too. Upgrade parts or changed faulty ones - I used to build my own machines and that started in the days when you still had to know cylinders and head settings to get a hard drive to work (by way of illustration, I started in the days of 5.25" floppies :) ).

What changed was (a) time, (b) reliability. I've had a few MacBooks now and maybe I've been lucky (knock on wood), but so far, the touchpad starting to play up is about the first problem I have had in some 12 years. Possibly (c) budget will have helped too, I tend to go for the "one-but-best" device in a range as it gives me the same lifespan but at a lower cost.

The last MBP I changed a part in was a 2013 one where I swapped the disk for a hybrid - much faster, but not quite the expense of an SSD. It was then I discovered that these hybrids also makes for very fast backup disks, but I'm a bit worried about how well the cache is flushed, although repeated tests have not shown a problem (I'm the sort that doesn't believe a backup exists until I have proven the restore works - burned my fingers often enough :) ).

There's a probably a (d) here too: despite the backup tests above, I can no longer be asked to mess around with hardware. I open the device, it works, I close the device, it locks the screen and sleeps, and once a week it gets a restart to clean out any dead processes. I really don't have the time for anything else. If you do, Apple gear may not be for you. Fair enough.

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