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Incremental != Innovative

Despite the word being thrown around endlessly by marketurds (and journos who ought to know much better), there is extremely little true innovation in the IT industry. Like aerospace, it's a business that uses the word constantly but does it basically never. If you stop and consider all the advances of the last 20 years in IT (make it nearer 35 for aero), they are almost entirely incremental improvements. They are not radical or evolutionary inventions. Even the first iPhone was mostly a clever repackaging of stuff already done elsewhere before.

Yes, Apple's design is excellent. Yes, its QA/QC of their oriental slavemaster manufacturers is excellent. Yes, they get green screens built for them by Samsung. Yes, the OS is good, and I very much like their attitude to user privacy.

But the latest iPad is ... just another expensive tablet (and arguably superfluously over-powered for 99% of use cases). The lappie is a marginally improved and expensified version of something you could buy four years ago. The idea that any of this shiny stuff will "change the way we think about computing" is simply risible. It's marketing drivel.

Ultimately, and as the article hints, practical cost-effective decision-making doesn't favour the tablets for serious work. Here's how it goes:

* It's nice, it's powerful, it's pretty and fashionable—but I need a good keyboard here and now. I got work to do!

* Ok, so here's the laptop ... and it's short of ports, has no removable media and I can't swap the battery ... plus it's eye-wateringly expensive

* Oh look over there: way less money buys me a good brand well-built laptop that has all the things I need, at least as much power as the iShiny, lots of expandability and versatility

* So, do I need to work, or pose on a catwalk? If the former, I won't be buying the Apple. Lovely as it looks, it just makes no sense.

And no, I'm not an Apple hater. I think their products are great. But the value for money is ... nonsensical. You're buying humdrum, readily available tech for jewellery prices. It's crazy.

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